THE FAIR TRADE STORE are proud to be associated with Bombolulu, Kenya.

Founded in 1969 as a rehabilitation centre for people suffering from Polio, Bombolulu’s 4 disabled workshops employ 160 people from all over Kenya.
These workshops are near Mombasa, Kenya`s second largest city, located on the coast.
Bombolulu are part of APDK (Association of Physically Disabled of Kenya) which is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), but are now working towards social and financial independence.

Working for Bombolulu means a regular income, medical benefits and housing for the most severely disabled.

Working in wood and bone, the craftspeople then handpaint their products to decorate with colours and patterns that reflect the local environment. Their jewellery is of mixed materials – bead, soapstone, bone, brass, silver or gold plate. Beads come from Masai and Turkana traditions.

Bombolulu Copper and Batik Bone Necklace

Bombolulu Copper and Batik Bone Necklace

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Batik bone necklace
Batik bone bracelet
Copper lattice bracelet

“Thank you for helping to make a difference”.