When people get to see and feel our products it makes all the difference in demonstrating that these really are beautiful, hand-crafted, unique items.
To enable this to happen, why not host a Fair Trade Home Party?

I can come to your home, workplace, church, school, college or community group, give a short presentation about Fair Trade and some of the producer groups and supply all the stock you need. I can also provide suitable leaflets and point of sale material.
You may also wish to purchase Fair Trade food and drink to help the party along.

The FAIR Trade Store stall - events in Southport

The FAIR Trade Store stall – events in Southport

You don’t pay anything up front for the stock and at the end of the party, the host or hostess receives 15% of the party sales as a thank you.
All remaining stock will be taken away, leaving you with a tidy home or workplace and a lot of happy friends or colleagues.

Of course, if you want me to deliver the stock to you and then leave you to host your party on your own, then that is fine.
We can meet again after the event to collect any remaining stock and to sign off your sales takings.

Southport International Festival

So, What’s Involved?

Basically, just a suitable room to host the party. Some flat surfaces to display the products on are useful, together with some mirrors to help you with your shopping experience.

We can help you design and personalise invitations to give or send to your friends, family or work colleagues.

Food, Drink And Entertainment
Best to keep it simple – perhaps Fair Trade tea, coffee, juice and wine, together with some snacks and confectionery.
Most of these items can be bought from your local supermarket, or online.
I can provide suitable “mood music” from a range of Putumayo World Music CDs for you to play in the background to help set the right atmosphere.

Your Guests
There will certainly be no “hard sell” from The FAIR Trade Store – I want you to relax and enjoy your get-together. If anyone wants to buy anything then they can do so there and then at the party, or they can place an order and I will post off the products to their home at a later date.

Happy customers in Southport

Happy customers in Southport

Products To Feature At Your Party
Please browse The FAIR Trade Store’s online shop and select a range of products you would like me to bring along and then contact me to discuss your requirements.

A Home Party usually works best over a 2-3 hour period, perhaps in the early evening, which allows everyone enough time to relax and get to know each other.

Area Covered
Please note: I am currently only able to offer the Home Party service in the North West of England region – the Merseyside, Cheshire, Greater Manchester areas.

“Thank you for helping to make a difference” – Paul.