All of The FAIR Trade Store’s suppliers, wholesalers and importers are accredited by BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK, the Fairtrade Foundation, or are those who uphold “Fair Trade Principles” laid out by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

By purchasing online from us, you are now just a few steps away from the actual producers in the developing world, such as Asia, South America and Africa.

Fair Trade Artisans in India Making Notebooks

Fair Trade Artisans in India Making Notebooks

Fair Trade Principles mean that wherever possible, “middlemen” are taken out of the supply chain, to allow as much money as commercially possible to go directly to the actual producers and farmers themselves.

Artisans at Kriti in Delhi, India

Artisans at Kriti in Delhi, India

Here is the unusually short Fair Trade supply chain explained:-

Step 1  The producers and farmers themselves, who are usually grouped into locally based cooperatives or associations to help them access the market.

Step 2  The suppliers and importers, always UK based, who work directly with these cooperatives or associations and who buy from them on Fair Trade terms.

Step 3  The FAIR Trade Store has a personal relationship with these suppliers, wholesalers and importers and carefully selects Fair Trade gifts to sell to you.

Step 4  You, the customer. By buying from The FAIR Trade Store you really are “helping to make a difference”, because after your purchase we then need to order more stock, which in turn creates demand back with the producers who then have to supply more stock on Fair Trade Terms… and the cycle continues…

Noah's Ark artisans in India

Noah’s Ark artisans in India

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