Fair Trade producers in India…

A customer was asking who it was that makes these beautiful mango wood jewellery / trinket storage boxes.
The answer is Asha Handicrafts Association, based in Mumbai.


India is one of the largest handcraft-producing countries in the world and offers an almost unlimited range of crafts and products.
However, these beautiful items can be produced in conditions of abject poverty, with craft workers in bondage to moneylenders.

Asha Handicrafts Association, however, gives marketing support and technical assistance to groups of small producers and craftsmen and women. By purchasing directly from the workers and giving generous advances, they increase income levels and help groups become self-sufficient.

The gentleman pictured above is just one of the skilled craftsmen who work for Asha and create a wide range of handmade, unique Fair Trade gifts.
You can meet more of craftsmen and women in this Fair Trade producer section of the website.

Please remember that you are now just a few steps away from the actual Fair Trade producers in some of the world’s poorest communities. By shopping here and buying Fair Trade products you are helping to make a difference. Your purchase helps transform trade and change lives. How great is that?

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