Today (22nd April) is Earth Day and we would like to welcome you to our new Eco Store, where you will find many great Fair Trade products which are Eco-friendly too! Everything from Bags, Purses, Jewellery and Stationery, to Household & Homeware products.

So what does environmentally or eco-friendly mean?
How we live our life affects our environment. To us, being environmentally or eco friendly means not wasting precious resources and choosing goods and services considered to have a lower impact on the environment.

The word “eco” comes from the ancient Greek word ‘oikos’ meaning house, or the Latin ‘oeco’ meaning household. Mostly used as a prefix, it is added to an existing word to create another word with new meaning, mostly related to ecology. For example, eco-system, eco-tourism, eco-label etc, suggesting that a product is less damaging to the environment.
Ecology is the study of the detrimental affects of modern civilization on the environment, with a view toward prevention or reversal through conservation.

Buffalo Leather Shopping Bag
Here at the THE FAIR TRADE STORE we are pretty eco conscious. Where possible, we Reduce, Re-use and Recycle in our warehouse and office. We care about the environment. As such, we use recycled or sustainably produced materials as much as possible carefully select a range of products that display many of these characteristics.

Have a great Earth Day.