The Fairtrade Mark is awarded to products which meet internationally agreed standards. However, there are many products for which a standard has yet to be agreed. For example, jewellery, bags, fashion accessories, etc

Reputable organizations such as The British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) have for many years sourced these products to standards at least equal to those applying to products covered by the Fairtrade Mark.

To distinguish between these categories of products, we use Fairtrade (one word) in relation to those which carry the Fairtrade Mark, and Fair Trade (two words) for the extensive range of products for which the Mark is not yet available.

The products offered for sale by THE FAIR TRADE STORE come from responsible suppliers/importers who work directly with the producers themselves to ensure that Fair Trade principles are adhered to. This close working relationship is often based on frequent visits to the producers where contracts are agreed that allow long term planning and help to build a “fair” partnership between producers and consumers based on mutual respect and trust.

By simply switching to Fair Trade you can use your purchasing power as economic muscle, secure in the knowledge that the product is not being brought to you at a terrible cost to the people that produced it.
So, by buying from THE FAIR TRADE STORE you really will be “helping to make a difference”.