World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June each year since 1973 and is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment.

It is led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). World Environment Day is the largest global platform for environmental public outreach and is celebrated by millions of people across the world.

A time to reflect on the world in which we live and the impact our lives have on it.

We have “Only one Earth”
“In the universe are billions of galaxies,
In our galaxy are billions of planets,
But there is #OnlyOneEarth.
Let’s take care of it”.

“Only One Earth” focuses on us all living sustainably and in harmony with nature.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day

According to the United Nations planet Earth faces three pressing issues:

1/ The climate is heating up too quickly for people and nature to adapt
2/ Habitat loss and other pressures mean an estimated 1 million species are threatened with extinction
3/ Pollution continues to poison our air, land and water.

The way out of this dilemma is to transform our economies and societies to make them inclusive, fair and more connected with nature.
We must shift from harming the planet to healing it.

The good news is the solutions and the technology exist and are increasingly affordable.

#OnlyOneEarth was the campaign for World Environment Day in 2022.
It called for  collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.

By supporting World Environment Day and the #OnlyOneEarth campaign, we can all help ensure our unique and beautiful planet remains a comfortable home for humanity.

So what does environmentally or eco-friendly mean?
How we live our life affects our environment. To us, being environmentally or eco friendly means not wasting precious resources and choosing goods and services considered to have a lower impact on the environment.

Green Recycled Computer Circuit Board Reduce Reuse Recycle

The Eco Store has been designed with these principles in mind.
The FAIR Trade Store is pretty eco conscious. Where possible, I Reduce, Re-use and Recycle in the warehouse and office.
I care about the environment. As such, I use recycled or sustainably produced materials as much as possible and have carefully selected a range of products in The Eco Store that display many of these characteristics.

“Thanks for reading this Blog post. Do you have any ideas how we can live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle?
Or maybe you disagree with the points raised here and have your own take?
If so, please share your ideas by using the Comments section below” – Paul