Well it`s not very secret, is it, if I`m blogging about my everyday exploits as a Fair Trade business owner?
But hopefully, the title has caught your eye and you want to learn more.

I`ve decided to develop this blog into something much more personal and social and share with you my thoughts, plans and experiences as the owner of a small, UK-based business. I`ll be explaining the trials and tribulations involved in dealing with Fairly Traded products from the developing world and offering them for sale to you, our customers.
This diary will be regularly updated and will cover things as they happen in real time – everything from selecting new ranges, dealing with importers, setting prices and what happens behind the scenes when a customer order comes through.
You`ll have it, “warts `n all”.
So why not come on this journey with me and learn what it`s like to be a Fair Trader in today`s uncertain economic times?
“Together, we can make a difference.”
Thanks for reading – will be back with you shortly.

Let me know what topics you would like covering in this diary by leaving your comments below.
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