Playfair 2012: Campaigning for a sweat free Olympics

Playfair 2012: Campaigning for a sweat free Olympics

As London glows from hosting the 2012 Olympics, we look here at the story behing the glitz and glamour of the occasion and of the pressure some of the biggest sports brands have been put under to make sure these were a “sweat free Olympics”.

In the UK alone, sportswear sales in 2010 were estimated to be £4.5 billion, with Nike and Adidas the global leaders and Pentland (the makers of Speedo), the largest UK-based brand.
These household names had a high profile at London 2012, and their sales and profits were predicted to rise as the Games approached.

But are these the very brands who are routinely breaking every rule in the book when it comes to labour rights?
It`s alleged that workers making sportswear still suffer from excessive working hours, poverty wages, temporary contracts and unstable employment and denial of union rights.

The Playfair 2012 campaign is working to raise the bar on these rights. Brands working under the Olympic banner of fairness, equality and respect should be doing more to end slavery and exploitation in the sportswear industry.

As an example, the minimum monthly wage in Indonesia, where a lot of sports gear is manufactured, is £67, yet a living wage sufficient to feed, clothe, shelter and educate a worker and his or her children is £129 – roughly double the minimum wage. Here, the minimum wage is rarely surpassed – leaving the garment workers struggling well below the poverty line.
And this is all happening right now, in 2012. Surely this situation needs to change?

If these facts have prompted you to think again about this issue, you can TAKE ACTION today to call on Adidas, Nike and Pentland to pay workers a living wage, respect union rights and ensure workers have job security.
Simply visit the Labour Behind the Label website to register your views.
Labour Behind The Label is part of the campaign coalition and supporting garment workers worldwide.

There is much more information available on the Playfair 2012 website, including videos and all the latest news about this campaign.

Let`s work together to make future Olympics “sweat free”.

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