A question I often get asked! “What are your top-selling Fair Trade products and gifts” – by customers, sometimes by suppliers and even occasionally by competitors?
The answer, of course, is ever-changing, depending on the time of year, promotions that might be running or trends in the marketplace.

However, taking a “snap shot” in time I can reveal that these 3 products have consistently been the best-sellers so far in 2022…




It’s worth noting, that nationally, sales of Fairtrade products have bucked the trend of decline in the UK retail market and grown by 14% in 2020 as reported by the Fairtrade Foundation.
And that the UK ‘green pound’ in 2021 has reached record levels, breaking through the £100 billion mark for the first time.

Unlike other premium sectors such as the organic market, which have lost ground as consumers struggle with the combination of rising food and energy prices and stagnant or declining incomes, the Fair Trade market has continued to expand, which sounds like good news for relatively small businesses like mine.

However, the growth, of course, mainly reflects a move among major UK supermarkets to sell Fairtrade products at a similar retail price as “conventionally produced” equivalents – think bananas, tea, coffee, chocolate, wine, gold and so on.

The UK is the largest market for Fairly Traded products. Worldwide, sadly, the sector as a whole remains very small, however.

So times are still tough at The FAIR Trade Store, but I have exciting plans – so stay tuned to this Blog to read what’s planned!


“Do YOU shop for Fair Trade products on a regular basis? Do you buy online or in “bricks `n mortar” shops?
Which are your favourite retailers?
Why not leave a comment below and tell us where you like to shop?” – Paul