Why shop for Fair Trade gifts at Easter, or indeed at any time of the year?
It’s a popular question I get asked.

Well, because the products are :-

1/  Handmade by skilled artisans and therefore of top quality.

2/  Coming from the developing world they are really unique and not found in UK High Streets or supermarkets.

3/  Producers get paid a Fair Price for their labour and their working conditions are humane.

Felt Making in Nepal

Felt Making in Nepal

4/  You can be sure that no child labour has been involved.

5/  You will often be supporting traditional handicrafts and skills.

6/  You are also supporting a small, independent, ethically-minded UK business you can trust, rather than a large multinational company – so thank you for that.

7/  And finally, the recipient of the gift will be delighted you have put thought into selecting something ethical (and often recycled!)

I hope you agree that it`s a great idea to shop for Fair Trade gifts at Easter
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