Traidcraft is a UK-based Fair Trade organisation fighting poverty through trade, helping people in developing countries to transform their lives and offering them hope for a better future.
It works with people of all faiths and none, to create opportunities for the poor to harness the benefits of trade.

The organisation has two components :-

1/ Traidcraft plc

Was launched in 1979 as a Christian response to poverty and is Traidcraft’s trading company.
It sources, imports and sells products from producers in over 30 developing countries including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Kenya, Malawi, Chile and Cuba.
Products include coffee, tea, fruit juice, sugar, wine, clothing, jewellery, paper and craft items.

Traidcraft plc aims to tackle poverty by creating a market for Fair Trade producers and to show the commercial viability of the Fair Trade business model.

2/ Traidcraft Exchange

Traidcraft’s charity, Traidcraft Exchange was established in 1986 and is the UK’s only development charity specialising in making trade work for the poor in Africa and Asia – to grow their businesses, find markets, and engage effectively in trade.
They campaign in the UK and internationally to bring about trade justice.
They are currently managing 14 major projects with a total value of about £5.5 million.
These projects are directly benefiting 350,000 people with a further 1.4 million indirectly benefiting and touching the lives of a another 24 million.

The Traidcraft Foundation holds a guardian share in the plc ensuring all parts of the organisation remain true to their foundation principles.

Did you also know?

Traidcraft has overseas offices in Nairobi, Kenya; Hyderabad, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Traidcraft is a founder member of the European Fair Trade Association (EFTA).

They also helped establish the Fairtrade Foundation with CAFOD, Christian Aid, New Consumer, Oxfam and World Development Movement in 1992.

It was also instrumental in the establishment of Newcastle based company Shared Interest in 1990.
Shared Interest is a co-operative lending society that aims to reduce poverty in the world, by providing fair and just financial services.

Traidcraft has also been running trips to visit Fair Trade producers for over 20 years and now offers what it calls Meet the People Tours – a chance to visit Fair Trade producers in developing countries, visiting workshops, workers’ homes as well as visiting sites of historic interest.

And finally…..
Traidcraft is an importer and wholesaler of Fair Trade products and THE FAIR TRADE STORE has been buying from them for over 4 years and selling-on their products via our website.

Fair Trade products available on our website include this beautiful sterling silver Andalusite stone ring, mirrored bangles and wooden earrings.

I hope this Blog post explains things clearly for you. If you have anything to add, please do so in the Comments section below – Paul