Meet Paul Wolfenden, Owner of The FAIR Trade Store.

My old friend, David Brown is a seasoned tabloid hack, who has recently returned from Oman in the Middle-East where he worked for an oil company and helped them run their in-house magazine. Journalism and PR are in his DNA (according to his CV).

In this Blog post, he takes time out from his incredibly busy schedule (so he says) to interview me to give you a feel for the sort of person running The FAIR Trade Store here in Southport, Merseyside.

Find out if he has been fair on me in the interview transcript below….

Name:  Paul Wolfenden aka Wolfy (The nickname has stuck with me since I was five).
Age:  59 going on 73.
Appearance:  Like a rock star. It’s a shame that rock star is Keith Richard.
Hobbies:  Making lists, dusting and talking about the need to exercise more.
Likes:  Scotch eggs, real ale, chocolate (Fairtrade, of course!) and fresh air.
Dislikes:  People who make lists, dust and talk about the need to exercise more.
What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?  Go the Hacienda nightclub in Manchester in the early 1990s.
Favourite film:  I’m a huge fan of Werner Herzog. Also, It’s A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002).
Who do you support, sports-wise?  Warrington Wolves (Rugby League) Wolves (footy) Spot the trend here?
If you could invite three famous people (past or present) to a dinner party who would they be?
Stephen Fry (for the perceptive and amusing anecdotes), Martin Luther King (to debate non-violent civil disobedience) and Kerry Katona (to do the washing up).

At this point I terminated the interview for fear of further embarrassment.

Well, what can I say? Other than, “thank you, David”.

If you have enjoyed reading this character assassination, why not track down David, my ex-friend, on Twitter for his inciteful comment on politics, current affairs… and Shrewsbury Town Football Club.
His Twitter handle is @Davidb15

Cheers for reading – Paul (aka Wolfy). And you can find me on Facebook and Twitter @FairTradeStore 

And if you were wondering where my business, The FAIR Trade Store is based, it’s Southport in Merseyside – check out the location here