How do I clean and care for felt, I hear you ask?
This is a question I get asked often, because I sell lots of felt bags and purses.

Felt is actually simple to clean and care for. Wiping with a wet cloth will remove most stains.

If the item needs to be thoroughly cleaned, hand wash it in lukewarm water with a plain soap (no perfumes or dyes), then wring it out and leave to dry.
When felt is worn or used often, it tends to grow small “piles” of loose wool fibres – which happens with all wool products.
Just pull them off the item, or on smaller, thinner items just cut them off.

Felt actually becomes stronger with wear. Steam or iron the felt to remove wrinkles.
You could also do this if it is looking a bit sorry for itself.

Did you know?
Felt is a soft textile material and is handmade using traditional techniques.
Instead of weaving the wool, the felt is created by carefully applying heat, moisture and pressure to entangle the wool fibres and the felt material is gradually formed.
Basically, matting, condensing and pressing wool fibres together.
The texture is obtained through interlocking of the wool fibres under conditions of heat, moisture and friction – a process done in Nepal, by hand by skilled and experienced female artisans.

After that, the wool is coloured using natural dyes.

And how about this colourful felt bag?

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