This is a question I get asked often, because we sell lots of felt bags and purses.
The truth is, felt is simple to clean & care for.

Wiping with a wet cloth will remove most stains.
If the item needs to be thoroughly cleaned, hand wash it in luke warm water with a plain soap (no perfumes or dyes), then wring it out and leave to dry.
Avoid placing felt items in the washer or dryer – felt is a relatively delicate material and is can be easily damaged by the agitation of the washing machine or the tumbling and heat of a dryer.

When felt is worn often, it tends to grow small “piles” of loose wool fibres (which) happens with all wool products.
Just pull them off the item, or on smaller, thinner items just cut them off.

Felt actually becomes stronger with wear.
Steam or iron the felt to remove wrinkles. You could also do this if it is looking a bit sorry for itself.
Try to avoid over-handling the surface of felt items, as felt easily absorbs body oils.
Never leave your felt item in a hot car or around any sources of excessive heat as the item will be subject to shrinkage.
If your felt item gets wet, never place it in a dryer or use any other direct heat source (such as a hair dryer).
Instead, place it in a cool, dry location and allow it to air dry.I hope this gives you some pointers on how to clean and care for your felt items.

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Thanks for reading.  See you soon – Paul