Fair Trade Jewellery from Latin America.

Time to highlight some superbly crafted Fair Trade jewellery from Latin America.
Mainly earrings, but also bracelets, pendants and necklaces.
The products are bought directly from the skilled artisans who make them, by the UK-based importer / wholesaler that I deal with.

Mexico artisans are is renown for their silver jewellery-making.

The craftsmen of yesterday have passed skills onto their children and so the new generation is taking over from their parents and ensuring success stories for small producer and family groups all over Latin America.

“Star and Moon” Alpaca Silver Earrings with Abalone Shell (Mother of Pearl) from Mexico

These shell earrings have been created in small workshops in Mexico using abalone shell (Mother of Pearl) pieces set in black resin, formed into a “crescent moon” shape with an Alpaca silver “star”.

I love these unique Latin American jewellery pieces and hope you do too.

As I always say, “there are real people behind every product”, so it is worth keeping in mind the social, cultural and political aspects of the continent together with an understanding of the life of the Latin American people.

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Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery you like to wear? What is the story behind it?
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