We have recently taken delivery of a new range of Fair Trade jewellery from Latin America. Mainly earrings, but also some bracelets and pendants.

This range has been sourced by a UK-based business called Tumi Jewellery who ensure all their products are Fairly Traded and bought directly from the skilled artisans who make them.
That`s why they have been certified by BAFTS – The British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers.

Tumi specialise in importing from Mexico (silver jewellery), Peru (hand-painted beads, feathers and organic acai seeds from the Amazon basin), and Ecuador (rainforest and tagua jewellery) as well as pieces from Chile (bamboo) and Argentina (wood).

An example is our bone hoop earrings with bamboo drops and turquoise beads which has been handmade by a family business in Cuzco – the ancient capital of the Incas in Peru.

Tumi was founded by Mo Fini.
In 1978, he went to South America for the first time.
After a year of travelling he fell in love with the land and its people.

When he returned to England he founded Tumi, an import business specialising in fair trade arts and crafts from Latin America.

The current business is now a scaled-down version, run by Mo`s wife Lucy Davies and concentrates on jewellery importing and wholesaling.

Tumi’s focus has not only been incorporating the business side of Latin America but also the social, cultural and political aspects of the continent together with an understanding of the life of the Latin American people.

Now 35 years on, the craftsmen of yesterday have passed skills onto their children and so the new generation is taking over from their parents and ensuring success stories for small producer and family groups all over Latin America.

We love our new Latin American earrings and hope you do too.
Horn Ovals Earrings with Bamboo Drops & Turquoise Beads from Peru

Horn Ovals Earrings with Bamboo Drops & Turquoise Beads from Peru

Thanks for reading my latest Blog post – Paul