Fair Trade Producer Group Aspiration International was established in 1993 and is based in New Delhi, India. Their purpose is to uplift and highlight artisans in the interiors of North India.

Their motto is…

“An enchanting display of creativity and excellence: offering a spectrum of attractive handicrafts at Fair Trade prices.”

One of Aspiration’s aims is to revive the old crafts of India.
Aspiration International is known as an exporter of the following traditional Indian handicrafts:

Sheesham wood & mango wood products
Costume / everyday jewellery
Wall hangings made from recycled sari fabric
Rajasthani Folk Art
Stone artware
Kashmiri paper mache
Brass artware
Copper & stainless steel Kitchen ware
Christmas decorations

•••   They employ a team of adept and creatively exceptional designers, artisans and craftsmen.

•••   Aspiration specialise in assisting small producer groups in making rich Indian handicrafts in centuries-old traditional ways.
They have established themselves as a “helping arm” for these small producer groups.

•••   They are a fairly small Fair Trading organisation in comparison to others in India.
Aspiration believe in sincere work for the welfare of artisans and families which are located all over India including Jaipur and Sarangapur by promoting and developing cottage industries, improving economic and social welfare & providing fair wages.

•••   Aspiration is also involved in helping to provide financial assistance to all artisans they deal with,
to provide new designs and patterns suitable for overseas markets & customers such as those in the UK.

•••   Aspiration organise groups of semi-skilled and skilled artisans and help raise them up from poverty so that they are able to stand on their own feet.
And the good news in that some groups have now successfully become self-independent artisans in their own community.

Aspiration International Master Craftsman

Fair Trade Producer Group Aspiration International – Master Craftsman

•••   Most of their artisans prefer to work in groups consisting of their family members in order to maintain quality and workmanship.

•••   Aspiration also emphasises the importance of tree plantation and asks producer groups to adopt at least two trees a year
and supervise their protection and growth.

•••   Since the start of Aspiration Inspiration, many groups organised by the founders have become self-independent.
Artisans who were working 10 or 15 years ago as daily workers for big manufacturers have now become self-respected artisans in their own community.
That`s a real Fair Trade success story!


A message from the C.E.O. of Fair Trade Producer Group Aspiration International, Padam Kapoor….

“Aspiration International was formed with the efforts and knowledge I gathered while working for Cottage Industries.
The purpose of Aspiration was to uplift and highlight the artisans in the interiors of North India.
This allows them to share knowledge and skills to cultivate themselves with enthusiasm and direction,
to initiate their own units and become independent, where the artisans can grow their income and support their families.”

I hope you`ve enjoyed learning more about this wonderful Fair Trade organisation.

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And you can read more about Aspiration International and see the products they make.

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