Pattaya Indian restaurant review…

There are many Indian restaurants in Pattaya, Thailand and with an increasing number of visitors from the Indian sub-continent to the resort, that number appears to be growing.
But there are many stories and reports of disappointed customers – with many of these venues being described as “tourist traps”.

One spot I have discovered that provides superb cooking and a varied menu at reasonable prices is Abunawas Restaurant. Here is my review…

Abunawas Indian Restaurant Pattaya Thailand

An Indian curry feast awaits in Pattaya Thailand

Located on “Soi Arab”, or Soi 16 as it’s properly called, it is right in the heart of the Arabic & Indian community.
Walk to the the bottom end of 2nd Road (south of South Pattaya Road) and turn right into Soi 16 (at the well-known landmark The VC Hotel) you will find the restaurant just a few minutes walk, on the left hand side of Soi 16.

It is a wide-fronted venue with a seated terrace outside and is actually called ABUNAWAS RESTAURANT & HOTEL.
(The hotel is above the restaurant)
For further clarification, Soi 16 directly connects 2nd Road with Walking Street.

Inside, it has a spacious layout with many red-leather seats, several of which are formed into booth style seating.
The air con is excellent, keeping you cool while selecting your hot & spicy food options.

I went in the middle of a weekday afternoon, so no need to book and the restaurant was fairly quiet,
with just a few customers, who seemed to be having “business” discussions over their meal.

The Thai female waiting staff were not overly friendly, but they were efficient enough and they did warm a little by the time I`d finished my meal.

The menu is extensive, with pictures of most dishes, making your choice easier.
Plenty for meat-eaters and vegetarians.
And they serve not just Indian food, but Pakistani, Arabic and the obligatory Thai food.

I chose Keema Matar (minced lamb & peas) at 280 baht. And a potato curry (150 baht) and roti bread (30 baht)
A bottle of mineral water was 20 baht.

Abunawas Indian Restaurant Pattaya Thailand Keema Matar

Minced lamb and peas – Keema Matar

The potato curry, especially, was absolutely gorgeous – quite garlicky, with a depth of flavour & “tight” consistency binding  the perfectly cooked potatoes.
Certainly the best potato curry I have ever eaten anywhere.

Abunawas Indian Restaurant Pattaya Thailand Potato Curr

Aloo Curry – thick Potato Curry

I asked one of the waitresses where the chef originated from, and she told me he was from Nepal. Boy, could he cook!

A very nice touch was the complimentary green sauce/dip with sliced cucumber & spring onions, but beware, the dip is quite hot!

All in all, the food is very good.
It`s not cheap for Indian food in Pattaya, but I rate it as extremely good value, as the quality is high.
Do make the extra effort to check Abunawas Restaurant out when you are in Pattaya. You will discover a real gem.

Abunawas Indian Restaurant Pattaya Thailand

Indian Restaurant Pattaya Thailand

PRO TIP: for us “westerners”, remember to read the menu “back to front” as the Arab custom is to read right to left.

Footnote: Keema Matar is a delicious blend of minced meat and peas sauteed in a thick mixture of stimulating herbs, spices, onions and tomato flavours.

Key Ingredients: lamb meat (minced), green peas (shelled), ghee, onions, ginger & garlic paste, tomatoes,
cumin seeds, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorns, black cardamom (seeds), bay leaves,
coriander powder, turmeric, chilli powder & freshly chopped & ripped coriander leaves.

Abunawas Indian Restaurant Pattaya Thailand

Indian Restaurant in Pattaya

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