What gift do you give "the woman who has everything" for Christmas in 2021?
The answer is this tiered wooden earring stand / holder.

Not only is it an ethical choice, being Fair Trade, but it`s practical too and can hold up to 40 pairs of earrings for safe keeping on two tiers, with a dished base for studs and other small items.



Imagine how that could tidy things up at home?
With a round, flat base, it will sit on a dressing table, cabinet, shelf or any flat surface.

Supplied in 6 pieces for easy self-assembly - no screws, nails or glue required - takes seconds to build.
Even I was able to build it quickly on my first attempt - and I`m a man!


Handmade from haldu wood by skilled artisans at a Fair Trade organisation in India called Asha Handicrafts Association, it has proved to be our absolute best seller over the past 12 and a half years of trading at The FAIR Trade Store.

India, which is one of the largest handcraft-producing countries in the world, offers an almost unlimited range of crafts and products. Sadly, products can be produced in conditions of abject poverty, with craft workers in bondage to moneylenders, working long hours in very testing conditions.

However, you can be sure that by making your purchase, the workers have been paid a fair wage and enjoy good working conditions and terms of trade.

Thanks for reading my Blog post and have a "happy and healthy Christmas - Paul.

What other items might you give "the woman who has everything"?
Leave your suggestions in the Comments section below - Paul