Buying Trip and International Travel in January 2023

Hello my dear customers.

As you know, times have been difficult over the last three years. But I am hoping that 2023 will be a time when we can get back to “normal” life and move forward.

International travel has been problematic. What were once my annual buying trips / holidays, have been shelved for a while.

Buying Trip and International Travel in January 2023

“To live is to travel”


But in 2023 I will be travelling again and therefore away from my business for a month from the middle of January.
As a sole trader running my business, I do not have anyone to cover things for me whilst I am away.
So, the last day I can pack and post customer orders will be THURSDAY 12th JANUARY, 2023.
(Last customer orders must be paid for and processed successfully by noon on that day.)

Customers can order as normal from my website whilst I am away, but I will not be able to re-commence packing those orders and posting them out via Royal Mail until THURSDAY 16th FEBRUARY, 2023.
So delays to you receiving your orders will be inevitable if you order during this period, for which I apologise.


Buying Trip and International Travel in January 2023

Travel makes you richer!


I do hope you understand. And I really appreciate your patience and understanding.
Thank you for supporting Fair Trade.

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

Paul Wolfenden
(Owner) at
The FAIR Trade Store