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Free The FAIR Trade Store Website with Google My Business


Just a quick "heads up". Did you know that by getting your business listed with Google My Business and Google Maps, you are offered the chance to create a free Google Website? To quote Google ...... "Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence across [...]

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Recycled Tin Can Bikes from Madagascar


Working with recycled aluminium tin cans is a technique called "Kapoaka" in Madagascar. The discarded pop, beer and air freshener cans, tin cans and aerosols are individually cut, folded and soldered into their own unique shape - including model bikes and bicycles. Each intricate piece of tin is carefully soldered with precision and the constructed [...]

Recycled Tin Can Bikes from Madagascar2016-10-27T16:24:52+01:00

New Fair Trade Jewellery from Latin America


We have recently taken delivery of a new range of Fair Trade jewellery from Latin America. Mainly earrings, but also some bracelets and pendants. This range has been sourced by a UK-based business called Tumi Jewellery who ensure all their products are Fairly Traded and bought directly from the skilled artisans who make them. That`s [...]

New Fair Trade Jewellery from Latin America2022-05-24T14:58:43+01:00

The Story of Kazuri Beads Jewellery, Kenya


KAZURI is a Swahili word which means "small and beautiful". Kazuri Beads, as a business, has an interesting backstory. THE ORIGINS... Founded by Lady Susan Wood, who was born in 1918 in a mud hut in a West African village. Her parents were missionaries from England. Lady Wood was sent back to England to be [...]

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The Zuri Foundation and its work in Nairobi, Kenya


The Zuri Foundation is a UK-based charity that helps young people in Kenya break free from the cycle of poverty they are born into. Working in partnership with small organisations, NGO`s, charities and workshops in and around the slums of the capital city, Nairobi, they are helping young people earn a living, get access to [...]

The Zuri Foundation and its work in Nairobi, Kenya2022-05-24T14:58:58+01:00

19 Fascinating Facts About Kenya


An amazing country and one not many people know much about, so I thought it a good idea to carry out some research into Kenya - one of Africa`s most fascinating areas. Here`s what I found out! 1/ Full name: The Republic of Kenya. 2/ The Official name of Kenya in Swahili is Jamhuri y [...]

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Walk Against Crime – from Southport to Hornsea completed!


Walk Against Crime, the initiative designed to raise money to bring a group of young dancers over to the UK from Mathare Slum, Nairobi, Kenya has completed the first stage of its fundraising activities. A sponsored walk, from Southport to Hornsea, via York, was successfully accomplished on Monday 6th August 2012 - all 230 miles [...]

Walk Against Crime – from Southport to Hornsea completed!2022-05-24T14:59:14+01:00

Shopping for Fair Trade Products made easy!


If you are shopping for Fair Trade products online, we`ve just made things easier for you! Choosing from hundreds of jewellery items, bags, homeware, stationery and fashion accessories is now just a click away with our newly-created Fair Trade Products section of our website. Enjoy your shopping and remember, you are now just a few [...]

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Shopping for Fair Trade Jewellery in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


I`ve recently been on holiday, which combined nicely with a buying trip to Thailand. One shopping expedition for Fair Trade jewellery led me to Chiang Mai - the largest, most culturally significant city in northern Thailand, which was founded in 1296. THE FACTS With a population of 160,000 it is the capital of Chiang Mai Province [...]

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WALK AGAINST CRIME comes to fruition in August 2013 when 10 teenage dancers from Mathare Slum in Nairobi, Kenya visit us here in England. LIFE IN MATHARE... With a crime rate of 80% until recently, Mathare, which is Nairobi’s second largest slum, has no work for adults, or schooling for youngsters. With nothing to do [...]

What is the WALK AGAINST CRIME ?2022-05-24T14:59:56+01:00


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