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CreArte Producers of Mayan Friendship Worry Dolls in Guatemala

CreArte are producers of Mayan Friendship Worry Dolls in Guatemala & were founded there in 2000.

Their main office includes packers, designers as well as their sales team, a printshop and a workshop.

The artisans – mainly women – who make the worry dolls and other products are scattered around the local area. The majority of production takes place in the homes of Maya descendants who live in small communities in the highlands and lowlands of Guatemala.

Worry dolls, or trouble dolls, (in Spanish they are referred to as “Muñeca quitapena”) are small dolls that originate from Guatemala.

The women who make these worry dolls live mostly in the rural areas of Guatemala. Making them provides an important supplement to the income they get from agriculture. It’s also interesting to note that rural income is also dependant on money being sent from relatives working in the USA.

Worry dolls are often presented in boxes or fabric bags & in groups of 6 – one for each day of the week, giving them the option to rest for a day.

Often, Nuns and poor local children sell them to tourists to take home as souvenirs.

Below you’ll see products made by Fair Trade artisans and producers at Crearte. Click on the images to discover more about each product.


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