The Fair Trade Store

Established in 2013, our colourful newspaper range is hand-crafted by this social enterprise in Kandy, the hill capital of Sri Lanka whose aim is to minimise the environmental damage caused by the overuse and unsustainability of plastics, polythene etc and so only use eco-friendly, recycled paper to create these unique gifts.

It is a fully home-grown company, progressing from humble beginnings employing just 3 people in 2013 to an employer of nearly 360 by 2016.

The entire production process is eco-friendly and labour-intensive using waste materials which is ideally-suited for local talent. The colour and the glue used is from natural products and is “food safe”.

Many of artisans are homeworkers. This allows access to those who may be mothers, disabled or of an older age to still provide for themselves and others.

These people were Tsunami-affected and internally-displaced women from the civil war in Sri Lanka.
Through the production of these crafts & earning Fair Trade wages, avenues to sustainable livelihoods are opening to these disenfranchised families.

By utilising reused, reclaimed and recycled materials, Earthbound Creations are committed to helping their community as much as possible.
With their ever-growing business, they have helped over 250 families and have reduced the migration of women as labourers into towns and to overseas destinations.

Each item is handmade and by purchasing one of our newspaper items you are helping continue the fantastic work of these producers – empowering women’s employment and the rural youth.


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