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Established in 2000, Folk Nepal is a non-profit sharing NGO based in the capital city, Kathmandu. It’s a social welfare organization dedicated to helping people improve their living conditions and increase their income.

Their mission is to help deprived local people and support craft producers with a strong focus on the education sector.

Its main purpose is to support skill building of needy craft artisans and to assist them in establishing sustainable marketing for their products in international markets.

They have been involved in charity work in rural areas of Nepal for many years. For the past five years, Folk Nepal has provided financial support for the education of marginalised children – with well over 100 students now getting on-going scholarship support for their studies.

Folk Nepal has also organized five medical camps in rural areas, providing much needed medical and dental care to some of the neediest families in the country.

They also provide financial assistance to people with serious medical conditions and life-threatening illnesses or diseases, to enable them to undergo the necessary treatment for their recovery.

Folk Nepal also reached out to provided support to victims of natural disasters, by helping to build schools & provide educational material to aid learning.

They are members of Fair Trade Group Nepal and the Handicraft Association of Nepal, as well as certified membership from the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), Asia.

Folk Nepal now work with more than 40 groups of producers. These groups are directly or indirectly employing several artisans whose means of living is directly linked with the production of handicraft products.

Artisans from Folk Nepal make our cotton striped bandanas and headbands.

Below you’ll see products made by Fair Trade artisans and producers at Folk Nepal. Click on the images to discover more about each product.


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