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Maximus produces our elephant dung paper products. It’s the ultimate in recycling, as our paper starts off as elephant dung!

In fact, the paper is made up of 75% dung and 25% recycled paper – with the Sri Lankan elephants in charge of the pulping process of paper-making as they digest their food!

The dung is collected and boiled to sterilise it and then it is ready for the paper-making process. Each piece of paper is different depending on the diet of the elephant so your paper is as unique as the animal who helped produce it. Once the paper has been made it is used by Maximus’ skilled artisans, craftspeople and artists to create a beautiful, unique range of products that take inspiration from the beautiful animals that have helped produce it!

All the elephant dung paper used is acid-free.

Maximus are trying to help the locals live in harmony with the elephants by paying villallagers to collect the elephant dung to make the paper.

Maximus has its workshop in the grounds of the Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF), which is a small charity that cares for sick, old and disabled elephants. They are also working hard to resolve the conflict between elephants and local communities – a critical concern as the elephants’ natural habitat decreases and they turn to eating farmers’ crops. Working with initiatives like Maximus, they are able to show the positive relationship local economies can have with these amazing animals.

Sri Lanka is a small island of 65,000 square miles. It has an increasing population of 20 million people. It is also home to a wild elephant (Elephas maximus) which has a declining population of approximately 4,000 to 5,000 – a fraction of what existed about a hundred years ago. The man-elephant ratio is 5000:1.

By buying this product you are helping the Foundation to continue its work & improve the outlook for the majestic elephants of Sri Lanka.


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