The Fair Trade Store

“We fight against poverty and inequalities in trade through Fair trade, which is a global solution for poverty reduction.”

Based in Shastripuram, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, the organisation “PFT” was founded by Mr.S.C.Mittal in 1982 after a meeting he had with UK-based charity, OXFAM, following which he felt destined to start working to Fair Trade principles.

Their Vision is “to be a socially responsible organisation, working towards the sustainable livelihood of the producers & women empowerment through income generation based on regular work by inducting fair trade principles.”

As such, their mission statement is “to contribute towards the producer’s empowerment, ensuring equal & fair wages, promoting cultural wealth, identify new opportunities, fostering training and poverty alleviation through fair trade practises in the business scenario.”

Our mottled gorara soapstone soap dish holder and incense sticks holders are popular products in our range, which we have been selling for 12 years now. Every item sold helps Pushpanjali achieve their aims of empowerment to women and artisans generally and to provide sustainable livelihoods to marginalised and disadvantaged local people, so they have the stable platform and system to move forward and to make their life a decent one.


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