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Jewellery-Making Zakale Fair Trade Producer Group in Nairobi Kenya

Set up in 2001, Zakale is a project located in Huruma, part of the Mathare Valley on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. The “slum” population is approximately 8,000 with a very high unemployment rate (approximately 80%).

The people who live there have many problems including poor housing, lack of basic facilities – including water, roads etc. and lack of education. The ‘drop out’ from school is very high and few complete their primary school education.

Zakale buy beads from anonther nearby youth project called Excel Concepts and then make them into elegant jewellery pieces.

The group has grown substantially over the last couple of years, going from 10 employees up to 20 – with even more employees when large-scale orders are received. Up to 10 people trained here are now independent craftsmen and woman in their own right and have set up their own jewellery making businesses and work at local markets.

The team here consists of a Workshop Manager, a sales manager, a designer (Wire), a Giriama bead specialist and a bead earrings specialist.

The men work the recycled copper “wire” then pass it to the ladies who add the recycled cow bone or tiny Maasai beads. The items are then passed back to the men for finishing.

The team also makes unique recycled bottle top and copper wire earrings.

This workshop is improved year on year. It has been extended, re-fitted and now has internet connection. It also has new machines and is a very nice working environment, maintained perfectly both inside and out.

Below you’ll see products made by Fair Trade artisans and producers at Zakale Creations. Click on the images to discover more about each product.


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