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New Fair Trade Jewellery from Latin America


We have recently taken delivery of a new range of Fair Trade jewellery from Latin America. Mainly earrings, but also some bracelets and pendants. This range has been sourced by a UK-based business called Tumi Jewellery who ensure all their products are Fairly Traded and bought directly from the skilled artisans who make them. That`s [...]

New Fair Trade Jewellery from Latin America2022-05-24T14:58:43+01:00

What exactly is Mother of Pearl?


A number of our products feature mother of pearl and we sometimes get asked what it is exactly. So to help out, I`ve explained below how it is formed and what it is used for - together with a few tips on how to care for your precious items. WHAT IS MOTHER of PEARL? Also [...]

What exactly is Mother of Pearl?2016-08-11T14:25:25+01:00

What is Batik and how is it used for jewellery making in Africa?


Can Batik be both an art and a craft? Well it`s certainly an art as I explain below. And it remains popular today amongst crafters making beautiful jewellery and items of clothing. Batik is a dyeing method using wax to create patterns and designs. THE TECHNIQUE... This method makes use of a "resist technique". That [...]

What is Batik and how is it used for jewellery making in Africa?2016-10-27T16:24:53+01:00

19 Fascinating Facts About Kenya


An amazing country and one not many people know much about, so I thought it a good idea to carry out some research into Kenya - one of Africa`s most fascinating areas. Here`s what I found out! 1/ Full name: The Republic of Kenya. 2/ The Official name of Kenya in Swahili is Jamhuri y [...]

19 Fascinating Facts About Kenya2016-08-11T14:28:50+01:00


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