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The Story Behind Kenyan Soapstone


Kenyan Soapstone is becoming more and more popular in the UK as people travel and learn more about it. But there is still confusion as to what it actually is. This blog post hopes to explain just that - where it comes from, what it can be turned into and give you a little of [...]

The Story Behind Kenyan Soapstone2021-09-22T11:52:59+01:00

The Zuri Foundation and its work in Nairobi, Kenya


The Zuri Foundation is a UK-based charity that helps young people in Kenya break free from the cycle of poverty they are born into. Working in partnership with small organisations, NGO`s, charities and workshops in and around the slums of the capital city, Nairobi, they are helping young people earn a living, get access to [...]

The Zuri Foundation and its work in Nairobi, Kenya2022-05-24T14:58:58+01:00

What is Batik and how is it used for jewellery making in Africa?


Can Batik be both an art and a craft? Well it`s certainly an art as I explain below. And it remains popular today amongst crafters making beautiful jewellery and items of clothing. Batik is a dyeing method using wax to create patterns and designs. THE TECHNIQUE... This method makes use of a "resist technique". That [...]

What is Batik and how is it used for jewellery making in Africa?2016-10-27T16:24:53+01:00

19 Fascinating Facts About Kenya


An amazing country and one not many people know much about, so I thought it a good idea to carry out some research into Kenya - one of Africa`s most fascinating areas. Here`s what I found out! 1/ Full name: The Republic of Kenya. 2/ The Official name of Kenya in Swahili is Jamhuri y [...]

19 Fascinating Facts About Kenya2016-08-11T14:28:50+01:00


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